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FR-Tracker™ 1.0 Floating Roof Monitoring System

FR-Tracker 1.0 Repeater, Base Station, and Multi-Sensor

FR-Tracker 1.0 is Syscor's first commerically available floating roof monitoring system. Existing systems are fully supported by Syscor, however, FR-Tracker 2.0 is now supplied for new floating roof monitoring system installations. The main design changes from FR-Tracker 1.0 to 2.0 were driven by customer input, experience gained in the field, and industry adoption of the WirelessHART protocol. With more than 30 million HART devices in the field, switching from a proprietary communication protocol to WirelessHART allows FR-Tracker 2.0 to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure. Modularizing the system components allows more flexibility in solution applications.

FR-Tracker 1.0 is a standalone monitoring package that contains Multi-Sensors, Repeaters, and a Base Station designed to monitor and record key parameters of AST floating roofs.

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