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Syscor Tracker™ Monitoring Software

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About Sycor Tracker

The Syscor Tracker monitoring system is designed to run on different platforms, from standalone physical or virtual systems to remote cloud-based installations. This monitoring software is highly scalable and allows unlimited data point tags - excellent for large scale, geographically dispersed, and complex monitoring applications. The high-performance time series database performs fast data queries, writes, and statistic queries while using very little disk space. The HTML5-based operator interface offers leading-edge data visualization that follows best practices for high performance HMI system design. Syscor’s team can also customize the interface to support a facility’s specific design requirements. Integrating the Syscor Tracker system with existing DCS/SCADA systems is supported using industry standard protocols.

PDF Syscor Tracker™ Monitoring Software Solution Package

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Where it is used

Syscor developed Syscor Tracker™ monitoring software to work with FR-Tracker and HC-Tracker systems, providing an end-to-end monitoring solution that supports customers in their mission towards zero-incident operations, environmental responsibility, cost reduction, and rapid field deployment.