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Surge Arresters

Surge Arrester


Surge arresters provide surge protection where Syscor’s Sensor Hub, Inclinometer, Repeater, Rapid Deployment External Leak Detection System (ELDS), and IIoT System Enclosure are exposed to lightning strike risk.



A. To antenna
B. Coaxial RF
C. Drip loop
D. Lightning arrestor
E. Type N bulkhead connector
F. 5/8in.ring terminal
G. #6 AWG copper wire
H. Transient protection ground
I. Outdoor rated enclosure
J. Protective ground
K. Earth
L. Weather proofing sealant

Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet and Antenna
Indoor/Outdoor Installation

Outdoor Cabinet and Antenna
Outdoor Installation


PDF PolyPhaser GT-NFF-AL Surge Arrestor
PDF PolyPhaser Surge Arrestor Ground Kit
PDF PolyPhaser GT-NFF-AL Surge Arrestor Install Guide

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