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Rapid Deployment ELDS (External Leak Detection System)



Developed in close cooperation with the petroleum industry, the Rapid Deployment ELDS is an end-to-end solution designed to quickly and accurately detect and provide notification of hydrocarbon leaks in well and facility integrity monitoring applications. Ideal for sites that lack power but are within range of cellular towers.

When a sensors probe detects the presence of liquid hydrocarbons, an alarm will be send through the communication's unit cellular modem to a cloud database, which then passes to the Remote Manager. Users may log in from any web browser to view alarm statuses.

Rapid Deployment ELDS also complies with US EPA guidelines on Design and Installation of Monitoring Wells. The solution includes Syscor’s patented Polymer Absorption (PA) Sensor technology used in other Syscor products.


  • Rapid Deployment - Integrated 4G modem comes pre-configured, meaning no network setup required.
  • Hydrocarbon detection (HCD-P sensor probe)
  • Monitoring of equipment aboveground, underground, and within water bodies (including ice)
  • Operating Temperature: -35°C to +60°C [-30°F to +140°F]
  • 2+ years battery life depending on application and update rate
  • Scalable dashboard for monitoring of geographically dispersed assets



Underground Monitoring Wells

A Stackable Monitoring Well made up of two-foot sections of threaded, perforated, stainless steel tubing contains one or two HCD-P Hydrocarbon Detector Probes for detecting underground hydrocarbon leaks.

PDF Rapid Deployment ELDS (External Leak Detection System)

Underground Monitoring Well

Leak Detection in Water Bodies

HCD-P Hydrocarbon Detectors can be partially or entirely submerged in water to detect hydrocarbons on or in the water. Stackable Monitoring Well tubing is recommended to protect the sensor probes.

PDF Rapid Deployment ELDS (External Leak Detection System)

Water Body Monitoring

Rapid Deployment ELDS Accessories


The Rapid Deployment ELDS comprises the following products: