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Standard and magnetic mounting brackets allow HC-Tracker™ and FR-Tracker™ components to be mounted in a wide variety of locations.

Standard Bracket

Standard Mounting Bracket

Where it is used

  • The standard mounting bracket is typically used to mount the Syscor Tracker WirelessHART Field Transmitter and WirelessHART Data Repeater.
  • The standard mounting bracket can also be used with the WirelessHART Inclinometer in certain applications.

The hole pattern on the bracket is sized to allow for:

  • U-bolt mounting in both horizontal and vertical orientations,
  • strut channel mounting in a number of orientations depending on the holes selected, and
  • screw mounting directly to metal or wood substrates.

PDF Standard Bracket Data Sheet

Magnetic Bracket

Magnetic Mounting Bracket

Where it is used

  • The magnetic mounting bracket is designed primarily for use in floating roof monitoring applications, however, it can be used to mount devices to any magnetic surface.
  • This bracket is typically the mounting bracket used for the FR-Tracker WirelessHART Field Transmitter and the WirelessHART Inclinometer.
  • Four neodymium magnets securely hold the bracket in place on a nominally level magnetic surface. Optional 3M VHB adhesive tape is used to secure the bracket onto non-magnetic surfaces if required.
  • The bracket supports a Field Transmitter, Data Repeater or Inclinometer, both models of sensor transducers, and a patch antenna.

PDF Magnetic Bracket Data Sheet

Magnetic Base

Swivel Base

Where it is used

  • The optional swivel base is designed for fast deployment and orientation of the FR-Tracker 2.0 safety system on aboveground storage tank (AST) floating roofs. Installation does not require hot or cold work.
  • Three strong, acrylic-coated neodymium magnets are attached to each base end to ensure stability. 3M VHB adhesive tape can be used to secure the base onto non-magnetic surfaces (e.g. aluminium or composite) if required.
  • The base has a wingnut to lock the circular platform into position.

PDF Swivel Base Data Sheet