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HC-Tracker™ Facility Integrity Leak Detection Solution

Syscor's HC-Tracker solution can detect the presence of hydrocarbons when installed in the following locations:

  • Aboveground infrastructure: tank mixers, sump pits, flanges, tank bunds
  • Underground infrastructure: underground storage tanks and associated piping, pipelines, monitoring wells
  • Water bodies: reservoirs, ponds, rivers, lakes

FR-Tracker™ AST Floating Roof Monitoring Solution

Syscor's FR-Tracker solution monitors floating roofs on aboveground storage tanks (AST) and can detect signs of the following conditions:

  • High water level on the floating roof from snow or rain
  • Roof misalignment from stuck seals or ladders
  • Hydrocarbon product release
  • Gas slugs in liquid product
  • Buoyancy loss from pontoon leak or punctured deck
  • Unusual floating roof movement due to seismic events