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Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Sandia National Laboratories MEMs

About MEMS

Advantages of MEMS devices

  • MEMS technology extends the advantages of size reduction beyond the electrical domain to the mechanical with faster processing speed, lower power consumption, greater complexity/functionality, and lower costs.
  • Syscor's MEMS device components are sealed, durable, reliable, and self-calibrate with gravity.
  • Syscor’s inclinometer and accelerometer sensors use MEMS technology and provide highly sensitive detection of inclination and movement. This is particularly useful for floating roof monitoring on aboveground storage tanks but can also be used for any application where inclination detection is required.

Where Syscor uses MEMS

Syscor's PCU-X01 Sensor Hub and PCU-X11 Inclinometer utilize MEMS-based inclinometer and accelerometer sensors. Syscor’s sensor probes can also be configured with accelerometer sensors.
PDF WirelessHART Sensor Hub Spec Sheet
PDF WirelessHART Inclinometer Spec Sheet
PDF HCD Sensor Spec Sheet
PDF HCDW Sensor Spec Sheet

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