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Field Transmitter Batteries

Advantages of Syscor's batteries

  • Syscor’s lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries are approved for use in intrinsically safe devices designed for Zone 0 deployment.
  • They provide up to 10 years of power depending on the application and data sampling rate.
  • These batteries are self-contained and easy to install in the field.

Where they are used

Field Transmitter Batteries are designed specifically for use with the Syscor WirelessHART PCU-X01 Sensor Hub, PCU-X00 Repeater, and PCU-X11 Inclinometer.

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Li-SOCl2 Battery Technology

2-Cell Battery 4-Cell Battery
2-Cell Battery 4-Cell Battery
7.2V 7.2V
19.0Ah 38.0Ah
136.8Wh 273.6Wh