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Syscor Sensor Probes


Syscor’s sensor probes reliably detect the presence of hydrocarbons (butane and heavier) using its patented Polymer Absorption Sensor (PAS) technology . Acceleration/vibration, temperature, and water level sensing are also possible depending on the sensor probe type.


  • Hazardous location compliance: ATEX, IECex, CSA/UL
  • Intrinsically Safe and deployable in Zone 0, Class 1 Div. 1 environments (HCD and HCDW only)
  • Integrates seamlessly with any standard WirelessHART network
  • Hydrocarbon detection (butane and heavier) on contact when above ground, below ground, and within water bodies (including ice)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +60°C [-40°F to +140°F]
  • Ingress Protection: IP67, Type 4X
  • Enclosure: Stainless steel 316 (HCD and HCDW); High density polyethylene (HCD-P)
  • Made with Syscor’s Polymer Absorption Sensor (PAS) technology
  • Functional even when fully immersed in hot or cold water for years
  • Power supplied from battery packs connected to the PCU-X01 Sensor Hub, PCU-X11 Inclinometer or RD-ELDS (battery lifespan can last up to 10 years)
  • HCDW water level measurement: ½ inch increments; up to 5 inches
HCD Sensor Probe HCDW Sensor Probe
Hydrocarbon Detecting
PA sensors
Yes Yes
Temperature Sensor Yes Yes
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Liquid Level
No Yes