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Syscor Sensor Transducers

What they do

Syscor’s stainless steel sensor transducers are designed to detect the presence of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons (C3 and heavier) as well as temperature, acceleration/vibration, and water level.


  • Syscor's sensor transducers use innovative polymer absorption (PA) sensor technology for reliable and accurate hydrocarbon detection without the risk of methane-triggered false alarms.
  • The sensor transducers can be configured with up to three separate PA sensors of any formulation as required by the application.
  • Both sensor transducer models have a stainless steel housing and are easy to install in the field.

Syscor, in close co-operation with the petroleum industry, has developed three proven, patent-pending PA sensor formulations:

  • Vapour Sensor: Best at detecting gaseous hydrocarbons in dry or humid air
  • Water Immersion Sensor: Best at detecting liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons when fully submerged in water or encased in ice for extended periods of time
  • Interface Sensor: Best at detecting liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons when sensor will be in air or temporarily submerged in water
HCD Sensor Transducer HCDW Sensor Transducer
Hydrocarbon Detecting
PA sensors
Yes Yes
Temperature Sensor Yes Yes
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Liquid Level
No Yes

Where they are used

Both the HC-Tracker™ and FR-Tracker™ solutions use the sensor transducers.

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